Scot T. Sauer

For County Council District 9

Scot T. Sauer

For County Council District 9

About Scot:

  • Scot was born in Milton Delaware and has lived in New Castle County for the past 50 years.
  • Scot is married to Jennifer, his wife of 25 years. They are the proud parents of three wonderful children, Rachel, Carla and Travis.
  • Scot is a Licensed Master HVAC Contractor and Licensed Realtor. He owns and operates 2 Laundromats  and a 4 unit apartment building. All of his business efforts are in New Castle County.
  • Scot has worked tirelessly, behind the scenes on important County issues over the past 10 years, to right those policies that unfairly singled out the working man.
  • Scot was instrumental in getting the county to reverse it's decision on the unfair $400.00 contractor licensing fee.
  • Scot is not affiliated with any special interest group, so you can count on non-biases representation of the district.


Scot works for your interests:

Scot petitioned County Council to NOT vote on the Property Maintenance Code known as the Instant Ticket Code until they could take the time to look at the possible legal repercussions. He recognized quickly that as it was written, it would be considered a bill of attainder.  A bill of attainder is banned by our constitution. He warned the Council that they would be sued and it would cost the taxpayers money defending it. He was ignored by their legal department and told he was not a lawyer. He was thanked for his concern and told to "sit down!" The County Council then voted in favor of the bill. Very soon thereafter the County was sued by a county resident and the case went to court. The Federal District Court Judge said in her remarks that any first year law student would know that it could not be constitutionally applied as written. The county was forced to resend it back causing NCC to waste your tax money and look foolish.
Scot filed an FOIA with the NCC to find out the legal expense this cost the taxpayers.
He was told that the Legal Department are salaried employees and do not track their hours.
There is no record of how many hours were wasted on this bill that took away your rights to Due Process. 
Scot believes that this is unacceptable.
He believes that the N.C.C. legal department should be accountable for their time management


  • Scot ran for N.C.C. Council in 2010 and used his own money to fund his campaign. He had a modest budget of $2000 and got close to 4000 votes. Not bad for his first time running for office and no campaign staff.

Scot believes that his business experience and ethical values will help to create a business friendly environment and help shape a County Council we can all be proud of again.

In order to help you and faithfully represent you in the County Council Scot needs to get approximately 10,000 votes to win this race and he needs your help.

How you can help:

  1. Volunteers needed to aid in fund raisers and to help communicate the message that we must do better
  2. Please consider helping Scot by donating some of your free time or by donating to his campaign: Friends of Scot Sauer

                                                                (max. donation allowable $600.00)

"I want to win this council seat to bring balance, common sense and reason to the county council. I will put all my effort into representing the constituents of the district. I will be dedicated and responsive to our district." - Scot Sauer 


Thank You,
Scot T. Sauer                                                     Friends of Scot Sauer
PO Box 5693                                                          PO Box 5693
Marshallton Delaware 19808                           Marshallton Delaware
302.563.2012                                                               19808

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